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[personal profile] magicaddict be using this more in 2017, as writing down the way I feel seems to be fairly useful when it comes to venting. When I don't have anything specific to write about, I will be focusing on what I know, and sharing my appreciation of music with you - I don't know if you will like what I post, or what I say about it, but it's stuff that makes me happy when I hear it. There may also be photos I took that I like.

To kick things off, in 2016 (in no particular order), I:

Commenced therapy for work-related stress
Watched someone I know in a show.
Got watched in a show by people I know.
Got a solo curtain call.
Cut off communication with my parents a week before Christmas.
Started exercising semi-regularly in addition to LARP.
Played thirteen games (including a 36hr), monstered ten and GMed eight (including a 36hr).
Travelled away from home forty times with work, including twenty-seven international trips, totalling fifty-two nights spent sleeping in hotel rooms visiting a total of fourteen different countries (including England).
Told my work that this trend has to change, or I'm long gone in March.
Bought a house.
Have been censored.
Bought a car.
Photographed owls.
Obtained a forty-nine inch 4K TV simply by taking out a mobile phone contract.
Visited India as a tourist, spending eighteen days in some of the most magnificent hotels imaginable (that's actually not embellishing).
Realised I can sing higher notes sitting down than I can standing up, which is counter-intuitive in classical training.
Visited two escape rooms, completing one in thirty-seven minutes, and the other overrunning the hour mark by fifty seconds (though this was apparently the hardest escape room in London).
Got annoyed at people doing things that I then myself did, which annoyed me even more because it meant I had to cut them some slack.
Celebrated another anniversary with Emma.
Celebrated another anniversary with Amy.
Gave stuff away to a charity shop, which I thought I would never do.
Attended a butchery course.

...and now I'm running out of things. In truth, it was a pretty busy year, which is one of the reasons I didn't get to post much. When I did, it was venting that really should have gone to my therapist rather than my flist, but at the time I posted it, I hadn't started yet. 2017 will likely not involve major improvements, but I will at least be posting things I like here, rather than opening posting walls of rage (Disclaimer: I cannot rule out a wall, or walls, of rage at any point in the future).

That was 2016, on to 2017. Musical musing will commence with the next post.
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