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...may well be Tommy Emmanuel.

The below is just over six minutes of the most light-fingered genius you will ever see.

It's one guy, one guitar. No dubbing or sampling. What he gets out of it almost beggars belief.

Tommy is of the fingerpicking school, who strum or pick the strings directly with their fingers rather than using a plectrum, and play both bass and melody at the same time with different fingers. This strikes me as monumentally complicated, but what it allows you to do is elaborate, tuneful, and artistically beautiful. It also allows you to be your own backing group, which is rather cool.

He does videos where he slows what he plays right down, allowing you to see what his fingers are doing and where they're picking, and talks you through it at the same time. While the guitar was never something I managed to pick up, it's fascinating to listen to someone that expert describing exactly what they're doing. It's like watching a skilled surgeon in an operating theatre.

I love listening to even just the audio of this, but watching him actually play it, that fast and that accurately, is simply a whole notch more fun.
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