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When I started this set, I originally planned it to be the top twenty, but when I set to to populate the list of my favourite songs, I hit thirty tracks before I had even slowed down. Therefore, it's gotten extended.

Some of the rubric of this particular list bears explanation. These are not necessarily what I consider to be the greatest songs (though some of them I definitely do), but rather they are my favourite songs. Ones that I have been happy with over the years, or rang true with me, or that I just really like. Likewise, songs that are on other lists, that would otherwise make it onto this list, are not included (to avoid duplication of music). Where they would make it, I will mention it there.

So, without further ado, at thirty is Billie Myers' most famous export - Kiss The Rain.

I was amazed to find that this song was only written in 1997 - to me, it had been around forever, which just goes to show how little store I set in my life before I went to university in 2000. It is a song about someone afraid that they may be losing their lover to distance - IC, it is sung without certainty, without confidence, and with genuine concern.

Billie's melody breaks a few rules of tunes, moving in jumps that show off her range and talent, and the accompaniment makes use of a first inversion as the second chord in the chorus that represents a personal favourite progression of mine (I - III - IV - V). It's musically lovely, well sung, and always gets sung along to in harmony when it comes on my playlist (after all, there's no reason that the person that she's singing to might not be having the same concerns about her).

Enjoy - I most certainly do.
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