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...the song, or the singers.

These are the Vital Signs - a mixed voice acapella group out of Elon University in North Carolina - and their rendition of Ingrid Michaelson's Over You.

The reason for the title is that the song itself is worth looking up in its original format, being a collaboration between Ingrid (who is a fanastically talented singer-songwriter in her own right) and Great Big World, and is a wonderfully self-deprecating, both sides of the argument take on a break up.

It's quite rare that you find an acapella group...well...roleplaying...the IC emotions of the song as well as the pair of soloists do here. These two look genuinely depressed as they tell the middle distance that all they have to do is keep telling themselves they're over each other, and they'll get there. It should be noted that they do drop out of character at the end, so that's not just their normal demeanour.

While the rhythm section occasionally needs righting, certainly early on, the harmonies in this rendition are as tight as a drum, with none of the sections showing relative weakness. The result is a rich soundscape telling a tragic story, with the viewer left wondering what might happen if the two singers actually had enough gumption to look at each other.

Once you've had a look at this, try listening to the original artists as well. It's well worth a listen.
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