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...and while he was by no means the most popular of my characters, the most optimised or the most playable, there was one characteristic that defined Vaexarius Firestorm more than any other.

He was one wild ride. And when he died, there was only one way he was going.

ACDC's Highway to Hell epitomised everything about Vaexarius. It was loud, proud, bombastic, utterly in your face and entirely proud of it. Playing him was a completely different experience to anything I had experienced before or since (though Mindstalker got close on a couple of occasions). I got to completely and totally let go of all semblance of normalcy, and play something so utterly different. It was exhilarating, mind-blowing, and lasted far too short a time. He only ever played nine games.

His theme song is the same - uncaring, unbridled shouting the devil. Bon Scott never had a particularly melodic voice, and this was no different - screamed and almost atonal, it's the sentiment behind the words far more than the melody here, backed up by a heavy duty, punching guitar and drum accompaniment. ACDC have been doing this for years - you know exactly what you're getting when you listen to them - and in this one, you got the words of someone who genuinely gave absolutely zero fucks: I am evil, I am badass, I know where I'm going, and I sure hope they're ready for me.

It's not me in any way shape or form, and that was what made the character such a blast to play - I don't think I could ever go this crazy again.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.


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