Jan. 6th, 2017

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...about three updates every two weeks. Will see if I can keep to that.

This is the Doo Wop Shop - a male acapella group out of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. They do Disney...fabulously.

The singing is only pretty good (there's definitely more technically sound acapella groups out there), but the arrangement is magnificent (courtesy of the guy who does Strangers Like Me), and what truly sells me on this performance, more than anything technical, is the fact that they are patently having an absolute blast. It's rehearsed to the Nth degree, and like a Morecambe and Wise sketch, this means that actually getting it right isn't that much of a challenge, and they can sink their energy into playing up the performance. This isn't a group of guys deadpan singing technically perfect close harmony - it's a group of really talented performers mucking about on stage, playing to each other's strengths and making the audience crack up with their antics.

This song is undoubtedly DWS's signature track, and they have been polishing it for years (look on Youtube - you'll be able to watch its evolution if you're so inclined). It takes quite a lot to get me interested in 90s Disney, but every time I listen to this, I find myself smiling.

...and now you've watched it once, go back and watch it again, and this time take note of the guy who did Part Of Your World, but this time from the very beginning and throughout the performance.

Seriously...dude be an absolute genius.


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