Jan. 26th, 2017

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...is something of a guilty pleasure of mine. I have a list of music that makes me smile at its downright optimism whenever a piece of it plays.

Below is Fisher's Beautiful Life, featuring Kathy Fisher herself, husband Ron Wasserman (no, that isn't Gordon Ramsay), and their then baby son Aron.

As well as the outright optimism of the song, the video itself is, considering Fisher were a pretty mainstream band back in 2005, almost comically amateurish. This isn't to say it isn't cool, but it unashamedly lacks the vast majority of bells and whistles that would typically be involved in even a basic professional music video (and is all the better for it). A very simple and hearty edit of Kathy wandering around New York looking slightly new age, Ron being cool and californian (and trying to ignore that he wrote the original Power Rangers theme), and various all but guerilla-filmed people clicking along to the backbeat.

At this time, Fisher were cashing in on the revolution that was their success on mp3.com (how many of you will betray your ages and say you remember that website?), and releasing what are still some of the best songs that I have ever heard without much in the way of editing or a production company telling them what to do (go look up I Will Love You, or alternatively wait for me to post it on my top twenty of all time list, or Sand, and apply it to Donald Trump). At one point, mp3.com was literally their personal distributor - they had the five most downloaded songs on the website.

Fisher was my outright favourite band for a long time, and is still one of my faourites now, and whenever this song comes on, I find myself thinking that things may not be quite as bad as they could be, if only for the few minutes it plays. It is, quite literally, feel good music.


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