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[personal profile] magicaddict I mean to go on.

There are several musical series to which I have it in mind to subject you, and kicking us off is the first of instances of absolute musical genius: Either the result of thousands of hours of practice leading to a total understanding of how to play the instrument, or genuine prodigyism that blows the mind. Music in the company of an expert, be it nature or nurture.

Below is a video of Victor Wooten playing Amazing Grace on unaccompanied bass guitar. No other instruments or people - one artist, and one guitar, typically used for accompanying other instruments.

It's a bit of a slow burn, and the video quality isn't all it could be, but do, please, give it time. It, and he, is worth it.

My love of this particular performance comes from the casual nature by which a number of different 'voices' are extracted from the guitar, and the use of harmonics as simply another register to play in, accessed as easily as the instrument's main range. Victor plays all parts of the guitar, rather than just picking the strings, and that only comes from learning exactly how the mechanics of your instrument actually lead to sound. Despite being so technically complex, it is so utterly accomplished and polished - genuine genius.

Other series will include outstanding group work (including acapella that would make Glee cry), curiosities that are fun, ridiculous or challenging, my personal favourite songs, and excerpts from various characters' soundtracks. For now, however, enjoy a guy in an overly loud shirt making a bass guitar sing, and know that when I posted it, I did precisely that.

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Ok wow, it goes without saying that he's a technically brilliant musician from that piece, the sheer range that he can coax out of the bass guitar through clever use of harmonics says that, but it's been married with some serious soul and passion for the piece being played as well. That's something special. Thanks for sharing.


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