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This is the Magic Show - take it or leave it.

If you know me you don't need to read about me, and if you don't then a couple of hundred words doesn't even get you started. If you're still reading, you're exceptionally persistent and I can see I'm not getting rid of you without divulging a small amount about myself. Ok, read:

Doug Millington-Smith
Aged 35
Doctor of Chemistry
Player of Games

DISCLAIMER: Intentions of this journal.

I keep an online diary. You can read it if you want. You don't have to if you don't wish to.

Anyone on the planet with an internet connection has my full permission and blessing to read, enjoy, hate and/or pass comment on what I write here, and such a fact will never change - no post here will ever be unavailable to the general public. The author reserves the right to appear cranky, bitchy, obstructive, happy, proud, tired, relieved or any other emotion as required, at no intended effect to your own state (unless otherwise specified), and neither requests that you agree or disagree with him save by your own personal compass.

Enjoy. That's not an order.
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